Made To Measure

Made to measure wardrobes to our customers are as you can see at a very fine finish.

We are getting involved at any stage of the house improvement. Wardrobes can be priced from the architect plans at early stage, which mean it is easy for project manager to evaluate budget.

That helps also in planning future fit outs, so they were ready for installation when the house is finished.

Just imagine to have so much space saved by only planing it well.

When you renovating it may be wise to contact us before the work starts. We may help you find perfect design and save few bobs on doing it wright on the first place.

We also get involve to existing wardrobes both sliding and traditional to replace the doors for our fabulous sliding systems.

Made do measure is always better than chipper flat pack.

Made to measure Sliding Wardrobes are the most popular storage choice at the moment followed by walk in wardrobes. However not everyone has the space for them and smaller units can be advised. The awkward shape and unusual size is sometimes the only way to practically use the space. With excitement, we are looking forward to all new projects that are ahead of us. For sure, our experience and ability to smoothly deliver also larger volumes of made to measure sliding wardrobes is hard to ignore.

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