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Covid-19 statement

By |September 23rd 2020|

Covid-19 23.09.2020 Update Dear customers, unfortunately, it seems like COVID-19 is here to stay, so we have to get used to the new normal. We are working as usual since the end of lockdown, just [...]

Covid-19 Curse of Action

By |March 23rd 2020|

21.05.2021 Update Dear customers! As you may have already noticed, Slide Deco is back in business! If you were waiting due to pandemic for receiving your wardrobes we hopefully already contacted you or we will [...]

  • Black and blue

Sliding Wardrobes Cork

By |October 19th 2019|

Sliding Wardrobes Cork First of all, credits must go to our fabulous customers that keep Slide Deco team constantly busy with the Sliding Wardrobes Cork, like this. Secondly, the team is always making an [...]


By |August 10th 2019|

Organize your Understairs space. Most of the houses that have Understairs, have some unused or clothered space. At Slideco we have saying ''No space goes to waste''. There are a lot of ways how [...]

Starting from the scratch

By |August 2nd 2019|

Starting from the scratch Sometimes it can be hard to start when it comes to planning your dream home. But when it comes to storage you do not have to hassle anymore. Slideco wardrobes [...]

Sliding doors designs

By |July 26th 2019|

Designing your doors What is the most important component of the wardrobe? That's right The doors. Most of the time you keep your wardrobe shut and the first thing your guests will recognize it [...]

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