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We would like to welcome you to the Slide Dco Franchise model.

As you already may know Slide Deco is the fastest growing sliding wardrobe provider in Munster, however it’s only the beginning.

Take part of the very efficient business model and grow your profits by implementing this franchise model in your area.

Slide Deco was established in 2007 and now have grown strong position in Munster Region. Why don’t you be part of this success story? If you:
  • Have experience in management and sales.
  • Are self motivated and determined.
  • Like working with people.
  • Want to run your own business.
  • Then- Slide Deco wardrobes is for you Take the next step and contact us to arrange a meeting and I look forward to welcoming you to our success story.
    Michael Sikorski
    Marketing manager.

    Prolsilde ltd t/a Slide Deco.


Unit 6,
Mayfield Business Park,
Old Youghal Rd.

Tel: 021 450 97 74


Garryglass Ind Est,
Ballysimon Rd.

Tel: 061 29 48 26

Team work is the key.

Success leads to success.

Over the years we have improved every aspect of running the business to maximize its’ benefits for both customers and business owners. We are successfully providing Sliding Wardrobes through showrooms in Cork and Limerick and we love doing that.

For instance customer’s satisfaction has never been less that 5 stars, moreover with the experience we have gained we know how to achieve that level faster and more effectively.

We want to share this knowledge by giving you the opportunity to join our team. By purpose designed training manual the implementation will be easier and straight forward. Therefore, the package is made in order to make the business model clear and understandable.

Come on board and we will provide you with the tools to make success possible.

Take the next step and join Slide Deco Wardrobes success story.

Slide Deco wardrobes solutions- Always great value wardrobes.

Fee Structure

-Once-off franchise fee of €14950

-Royalty of 9% of revenue

Slide Deco does not…

-Overpopulate your territory with Slide Deco Franchisees!

-Charge renewal fees later

-Target clients in your territory

-Charge for software


Slide Deco is well establish business in the sector of sliding wardrobes. What makes Slide Deco special is very competitive prices without compromising on quality.

The Franchise Structure.

The Franchise Model has been designed to suit Franchise Associates as well as the business model that has been developed to maximize the franchisee potential.

Slide Deco success is a result of a combination of excellent design software, understanding of the market and simplifying the process of delivering the final product to the end customer.

Working with Slide Deco you can benefit from our team experience, systematic approach and well recognized brand.

Included in your Franchise:

-6 Day Training Program

-Your own Territory

-Shop Selection Guidance and Support.

-Assistance with Shop Kitout.

– Designing Software and Training.

-Training Manual

-Designer Support

-Customized Brochures

-Free Updates of all Materials

-CRM system

-Ongoing Support.

-Mobile Sample Case.

What does Slide Deco wardrobe do?

We are providing wide range of private customers with made to measure sliding wardrobes.

In the process of designing wardrobes with the use of our software, we can adjust almost every detail of the wardrobe.

The software provides customer with live 3D visualisation and instant price for the unit.

With the use of many features of that software the most important is that it is providing production reports for manufacturing process in order to create made to measure wardrobe up to the specification in the design.

The system of ordering, transport and delivery is structured in such a way to minimize the disruption and time consumption, giving you the full back up, so you can focus on customers.

Once the designed wardrobes are delivered to the warehouse, the next step is to fit them into customer’s house.

Slide Deco wardrobes Financial Model

The model of operations as well as full training will be the base of future success. Using Slide Deco recognized brand and proven business model you will have an easy path in becoming a local leader in providing Sliding Wardrobes.

Slide Deco Wardrobes are hugely attractive for fast growing building sector, which can only be profitable and competitive with proper easy to implement system.

The Franchise Fee

  1. A once-off initial registration fee
  2. Royalty % for ongoing support.
  3. No 5 year or 10 year renewal fees.

Please contact Slide Deco for full details.


Unit 6,
Mayfield Business Park,
Old Youghal Rd.

Tel: 021 450 97 74


Garryglass Ind Est,
Ballysimon Rd.

Tel: 061 29 48 26