Made-to-measure sliding wardrobes are better than the chipper flat-packs cause you can use all the space in pretty much any way you want.

We can get involved at any stage of the house improvement. Usually, then wardrobes can be priced from the architecture plans at an early stage, which means it is easy for project managers to evaluate the budget.

When you renovating it may be wise to contact us before the work begins. We may help you find the perfect design and save few bobs on doing it right in the first place.

We also getting involved in existing wardrobes both sliding and traditional to replace the doors for our fabulous sliding systems.

A large variety of colored panels, glass, and mirrors lets you design your dream wardrobe. The Slide Deco team will not let any space go to waste.

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SLIDE DECO is a successful supplier of sliding wardrobes as well as custom-built furniture for individual requirements. You, as a partner, will receive the benefits of working with high-quality products, a wide range of materials, excellent installation service, and the most competitive prices!

The interior designs come in over 60 colors to suit all tastes. Door styles are the most favorite part to design, thanks to the variety of materials- including frosted glass, melamine panels, mirrors, Lacobel glasses, and even Your own chosen pictures.

Experienced designers will be able to present the best possible solutions for even the most awkward storage spaces. Some of the most common problems that we have solved were under stairs units and converted attics.

Slide Deco Design Software allows viewing the project in 3D View. It accelerates the whole making process for the comfort and time save of our customers. It also instantly updates the price if any changes are made to the design so there are no hidden charges, and customers are aware of the final cost.

The product reaches your home within 4-5 weeks of ordering.

The designers pay special attention to all details, ensuring that the customers’ needs are met on any occasion.