Covid-19 23.09.2020 Update

Dear customers, unfortunately, it seems like COVID-19 is here to stay, so we have to get used to the new normal.

We are working as usual since the end of lockdown, just with a few changes.

1. Ordering.

If you have rough dimensions please send them to the email or contact us through the Facebook or our website to avoid unnecessary contacts.

We do home appointments and our showrooms are open to public too, but please make sure to call before coming out to make an appointment.

When coming to the office or in a house appointment make sure to wear a mask.

2. Installation.

When we contact you with the potential date of the installation, please have the room aired and limit the contact to a minimum with the team.

Wear a mask when physical distancing is inevitable. Give fitters access to wash their hands as much as needed.

3. Payments.

We have a fully secure pay online option for our customers if you have difficulties paying online, you can always ring the office and make a payment over the phone.

Only pay cash if this is the only option you got left.

4. In the case of another lockdown.

In the case of another lockdown, we will still be working from home sending quotes and replying to all queries.

If you ordered a wardrobe and we will be shut down, do not worry. We will contact as soon as we can get back to work and get the job done.


No one can be sure what these uncertain times will bring to us. But we do care about our customers and will do what we can to serve them well.