21.05.2021 Update

Dear customers! As you may have already noticed, Slide Deco is back in business! If you were waiting due to pandemic for receiving your wardrobes we hopefully already contacted you or we will contact you very soon with a date for the installation.

In the case of new Customers, we are working hard to provide as many quotes as possible over email. We expect some delays caused by the lockdown and increased demand as well as shortages on the raw material front.

Showrooms are open, but times can vary and we appreciate appointments to better manage the workload and people on-premises.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email

30.03.2020 Update

Dear Customers, we are canceling all planned installations for the next 2 weeks and will review the dates after the government restrictions are lifted. For the time being, we are at the end of the phone and email.

You can head to our FB page for regular gallery updates. https://www.facebook.com/SlidecoWardrobes/

1. Your order is processed.

In case your wardrobe was ordered a few weeks ago, you shouldn’t be affected at all.

Most likely wardrobe is already in our warehouse so it will be fitted in the coming weeks. The fittings are going slower than usual as we have cut the staff to the most essential people. We are planning only a week ahead of the installations as it’s hard to say what will happen next week.

2. Installation

So when we contact you with the potential date of the installation, please have the room aired and limit the contact to a minimum with the team. We are working assuming everyone around is contagious even, if without the symptoms. So far none of us or our customers had any symptoms that we know of. All HSE recommendations are in place.

You may also refuse to accept the fitting at this time in which case we will hold on to the wardrobe until you instruct us we are clear to install it.

3. Sales

Currently, the sales are affected the most. The attention in all households is definitely not around getting a new wardrobe.

However, we are still working from home sending quotes and replying to all queries.

Home visits are limited to those that are previously pre-quoted via email to reduce the time on site. We wish to continue providing the highest service possible in these harsh and uncertain times and more than ever safe to customers and our staff.

If you are looking to improve your storage space or moving to a new build and require sliding wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes please contact us via https://slidecowardrobes.ie/contact/

By sending a short description and dimensions, we will be able to replay faster with the quote.

4. Future proceedings

Once we will have any information on potential disruption we will contact affected order holders to arrange curse of action.



To contact me in urgent quarries please ring 0871650279- Michael