Starting from the scratch

Sometimes it can be hard to start when it comes to planning your dream home. But when it comes to storage you do not have to hassle anymore. Slideco wardrobes is the answer to all your questions.

Professional team will help to guide you all the way through the process from designing to fitting your wardrobes. Slideco will come up with the solution that will suit you the best. We are ready for all the challenges you will give us and will do everything to meet your expectations.

When it comes to storage solutions at Slideco no space goes to waste.

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About us

SLIDE DECO-Always Great Value Wardrobes.

We are a successful supplier of made-to-measure fitted wardrobes. You, as a partner, will benefit from working with high-quality products. It gives you a wide range of materials, the excellent installation service and the most competitive prices!

Furthermore, the interior designs come in over 100 colours to suit all tastes. Door styles are the most favourite part to design, thanks to the variety of materials. That means you can choose from frosted glass, melamine panels, mirrors, lacobels and even Fotolia.

Another benefit is working with experienced designers that will be able to present the best possible solutions for even the most awkward storage spaces such as sloped roofs, under stairs, corners etc.

Slideco Design Software allows viewing the project in 3D View. This accelerates the whole making process for comfort. It saves time for our customers. While almost all detail can be changed, the price is instantly updated, so there are no hidden charges, and customers are aware of the final cost.

Finally, the product reaches your home within 4-5 weeks of ordering while fitting takes 1 day.

The designers pay special attention to all details, ensuring that the customers’ needs are met on any occasion.