Your dreamed bespoke wardrobes at Slide Deco

Have you ever wondered how bespoke wardrobes can be?

So the thing with bespoke wardrobes is that you have the space and maybe some idea of what you want to do with it and we are here to deliver. It’s simple when you already have an idea, it’s even simpler if you can visualize it and describe it.

With a little help of software we can put your idea into 3D view with colors and precise dimensions to make sure that you like the final project before spending a penny.

Yeah! You will be able to see your wardrobe/bulk bed/ Tv unit etc in 3D before you spend any money.

Once you are happy we take the projects to manufacture all the pieces. It takes 4-6 weeks before it will be installed, but the final result will pay off the waiting. And once it’s in you will get to use it for years to come.

Slide Deco- always great value wardrobes.

The pictures below will show you some of our recent projects that are absolutely one of a kind. We have worked together with customers to bring the ideas to life. All those bespoke wardrobes and matching furniture are proof that anything can be done at Slide Deco.

Sliding Wardrobes are the most popular storage choice at the moment followed by walk in wardrobes. However not everyone has the space for them and smaller units can be advised. The awkward shape and unusual size is sometimes the only way to practically use the space.

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