Expecting a baby?

When planing wardrobes for babies take into consideration a sliding wardrobe.

With a baby comes a heck of a lot of luggage. Who knew that such a tiny creature would need so much stuff?

Baby clothing seems to be the obvious, but there are also blankets, bedding, baby seats, toys, as well as nappies, baby bottles, and many many more.

Planning wardrobes for babies will save you time and hassle in the future.

How to prepare for the amount you know you are not able to store in the place you have?

Well, a good solution is to talk to specialists. Hence contact us at Slide deco. We are facing storage issues quite often on daily basis. The best approach to solve it is: to match the storage to the amount and type of new items that you are going to buy/need. We can advise you at this point so you have the confidence that the wardrobe for babies will sort all of your storage needs..

Talk to designers to sort your baby stuff today, so you and the storage will be ready when the time comes.

Moreover you are covered not only for the time when the baby is small, but for the long period run. Some shelves can be adjusted in time. When the baby and the storage needs changes the space in the wardrobe should be flexible. In areas where you can have 2 or 3 hanging rails, one or two can be removed once the clothes and your baby get longer.

Just think of the sliding wardrobe to be an investment into your Baby’s future. The durability of Slide Deco is over 10 years. It’s safe and considering that you will not need to change soon makes really good value on price.

Many customers are praising our work years after the initial work has been done.

More over with time to come, you can consider changing the door inserts for your sliding wardrobe.

See you soon in the showroom!