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Under Stairs – Glamour Design- Sliding wardrobes

By |April 1st 2016|Categories: Creative, New Ideas|Tags: , |

Under stairs storage solutions- glamour design. How Slideco increases the home storage with smart storage solutions under stairs without spending too much? So many times we have come across the problem that some of you might also have - lack of space, cluttered room, tight hallway…etc. With the recent home crisis it has [...]

Made to measure- designed with style and practical purpose.

By |March 2nd 2016|Categories: Creative, Design, Interiors|Tags: |

Made to measure When wardrobes are not made to measure, often the furniture is, leaving unused space that only gathers dust. Slide Deco has come up with some brilliant solutions that will help you keep the place in order with lovely design at affordable cost. Secondly we provide smart storage solutions which are customized [...]

Wardrobes For Converted Attics

By |January 25th 2016|Categories: Creative, Design, Interiors|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

Wardrobes for converted attics Storage for Converted Attics With our made to measure sliding wardrobes we can transform your attic to useful and aesthetic area. The sloped roofs do not make a huge problem. SLIDE DECO has solution for all the angles and shapes of the rooms. If you have recently converted [...]

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