Wardrobes for any occasion-

If you have an area at your home that needs either some improvement or complete change, Slideco is a perfect place to start. We have the experience in finding the best possible ways to improve your storage at affordable price. It’s the quality that makes the product beat all the competition by providing long lasting furniture. All the ideas and perfect workmanship that is delivered to our customers is something that can’t be emphasised enough.

Our Focus- Fitted Wardrobes

Focusing on sliding wardrobes gave us an enormous experience in delivering wardrobes to customers specifications. We often change the design to suit the requirements of the customer even more .

At Slideco you will always have the guarantee that we will deliver what we have promised. At the moment we have the biggest variety of colours in Ireland:

Over 60 laminate panels

Over 30 coloured glass,

Mirror, including dimmed mirrors,


Photolia( High resolution picture that can be chosen from millions of pictures available).

Look around on the website and FB fan page. Remember to give us a feedback and contact Slideco if you are interested in working with us.