The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI)

Home renovation Incentive (HRI) is a relief from Income Tax (IT) for homeowners, landlords and local authority tenants. You can claim the HRI Tax Credit for repairs, renovations and improvements to your home or rental property.

ONLY for the works carried out and paid before 31.December 2018(unless government change that rule)

To be eligible for HRI:

The HRI is an online only scheme for homeowners and landlords. If you pay tax through PAYE, use myAccount to claim the HRI Tax Credit. If you pay tax through self-assessment, use Revenue Online Service (ROS) to claim the HRI Tax Credit.

If you are a local authority tenant you should contact your Revenue office.

Join dozens of our customers who claimed vat paid on Slide Deco wardrobes. It is hassle free. Just give us your property ID as we have to register the work. Then it is up to you to provide it to revenue online.

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