Anything you want

Fantastic graphic designed wardrobes.

At Slideco you have a choice to pick colors for the doors, for inside and outside of the wardrobe.

There is over 60 colors of laminate face boards. For the doors- additionally you can choose from over 30 glass colors and also have the option of an image insert.

This variety of choice is even wider thanks to vertical, horizontal or shape door dividers giving you a chance to combine colours and materials in your custom design.

Moreover you can go crazy and design your own graphic that can be anything from family portrait, a movie poster or a picture of landscape or milky way. The graphic is then put on the glass doors with safety screen. The final effect is the most satisfying to see, while with the use of our computer design we can show you the idea behind the design, it does not measure up to the actual product once it is done.

Feel free to use your own imagination to create an unique wardrobe that will be not only practical, long lasting , cost effective, but also feature an art-decor.

Slideco designers will put all the effort to make your dreams come true. Call us today to check all the details