Slanted Wardrobes- Attics, Under Stairs, Dormer houses, Staircases,

Hi, I am Michael- Slideco designer. At Slideco we often advise our customers on how to maximise their space for  Attics, Under Stairs, Dormer houses, Staircases at affordable prices. Our customers have different needs and spaces which we wish to furnish, so we help them by creating an initial design using our SPS Software . It allows us to show what the space will look like and helps to explain all the details of the wardrobe. It also shows the current price for the unit so our customers can adjust the changes totally up to their needs.

At Slideco we have been improving attic storage, under most uncomfortable slants. We have been working with under stairs spaces. We have also been overbuilding staircases in spare bedrooms-everything and anything that you think could be improved, we have done it. And if there is something we haven’t we like a challenge.

The quotation is free of charge, there is no obligation. A small fee may be involved if the quote is outside of our usual area. We have had customers who returned to us after a year since their first quote. Every awkward space needs a different approach and we just want to make sure you are maximising the benefits of the work we can provide. After all it is your home and we want to make sure that you get to improve your living standards.

See you soon.